One of the main results of the CONPRA project is a monographic output in 4 volumes. These manuals deal with the theoretical and methodological foundations of each specialization, summarize the experience of the secondees that took part in the project and illustrates the impact, the project had on their way of working.

Ján Zachar, Milan Horňák & Predrag Novaković (eds.). 3D Digital Recording of Archaeological, Architectural and Artistic Heritage. CONPRA Series, Vol. I,

Predrag Novaković (ed.), Using Aerial Photography and LIDAR in Archaeology. CONPRA Series, Vol. I,


Jozef Chajbullin Koštial, Predrag Novaković, Vitomir Jevremović & Dimitrij Mlekuž (with special contribution of Filomena Sirovica), Introduction into Managing Datasets in Archaeology. CONPRA Series, Vol. III,


Nenad Tasić, Predrag Novaković & Milan Horňák (eds.), Virtual Reconstructions and Computer Visualisations in Archaeological Practice. CONPRA Series, Vol. IV,

Conference on Computer Application in Archaeology 2016. Abstract Book. The conference was organized as a part of the CONPRA project, by the participating organizations.

Download in pdf.

The proceedings of the 22nd EAA Meeting in Vilnius 2016. The panel was organized  by the participants of CONPRA project, Milan Hornak and Predrag Novakovic, who were also a part of the editing team.

You can download the whole book in pdf format.