University of Belgrade, Serbia

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The Centre for Digital Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy,  University of Belgrade, established in 2004 was created out of the necessity to study, develop and promote digital documentation of archaeological excavations. Over the years the Centre has developed several key methodological approaches for the improvement of digital storage of archaeological information and has successfully implemented them at several archaeological excavations around Serbia. Some of the procedures and practices have been adjusted to fit stringent budgets for archaeological research in post-socialist countries and countries of the third world.

University of Belgrade will contribute to CONPRA in 2 major fields: a) digital documentation of archaeological excavations (structures and artefacts) and b) digital archiving. Both aspects are vital for efficient implementation of archaeological fieldwork and desk-based analyses (documentation and artefacts), especially the latter which is considered as most time consuming and manipulating large sets of data crucial for providing the basis for decision making in heritage protection. Due to the non-existent private sector in archaeological services in Serbia, the University of Belgrade can provide important point for ‘boosting’ this market in its country.