University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


The Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, offers undergraduate, taught-postgraduate and guided research programmes in Archaeology. To its major topics belongs remote sensing, with particular focus on aerial archaeology (aerial reconnaissance, image processing, techniques of computer based documenting, analysing and archiving). The University of Ljubljana staff has organized a number of special training courses, or acted as archaeological flying instructors in many aerial archaeology schools (Hungary, Denmark, Poland…). In addition to this, University of Ljubljana is probably one of the rare institutions in Europe (if not the only one) where aerial archaeology is essential part of university curriculum in archaeology.

Attention of Aerial Archaeology within CONPRA will be focused on 2 major aspects – training and implementation of real aerial reconnaissance (necessary for gaining skills in guidance of this process) and knowledge necessary for image/data postprocessing using various digital tools for rectification, georeferencing, pattern recognition, image filtering etc. Other important aspects include mastering the procedures for efficient archiving large data sets and utilization of data sets from other archives. In addition to this, and complying with philosophy of CONPRA, working procedures for integration of project data with other widely accessible tools for presenting aerial data will be developed for easier disseminating the potentials of both, the archaeological aerial data and ICT tools.