TerraVerita s.r.o.

logoTerraVerita, located in Prague, Czech Republic is a private company providing the most heterogeneous set of archaeological services, spanning from conventional fieldwork to major services in digital archaeology. The main business activity of the company is technical side of excavation, documentation and primary data processing. It deals with destructive and non-destructive archaeological research and historical research of urban cores and cultural landscapes. Its major contribution to CONPRA is planned in the field of manipulating large data sets with MapServer (or similar GIS based) server technologies providing so the integrated systems of data storing, retrieving and presenting. Combined with the elements of semantic web (e.g. automated gathering of data from various data sets) this integrated technology can equip various professionals, groups or stakeholders with updated and fully attributed data sets needed for a number of reasons (e.g. spatial planning, heritage strategies, research data bases, presentations and visualisation, publicly available on-line maps on heritage objects…).