VIA MAGNA s.r.o.


VIA MAGNA s.r.o., located in Martin, Slovakia, is a private company, which deals with research, protection and promotion of cultural heritage at the professional level. The company’s main activity presents execution of archaeological research and survey, which the company executes on the ground of the permission of the Ministry of Culture. VIA MAGNA s.r.o. is also one of the most viable SMEs in the country which has recently expanded its field of expertise in the field of 3D photogrammetry (3DPGM) of archaeological and other heritage objects.
VIA MAGNA would like to focus within CONPRA mainly on testing of possibilities of 3D photogrammetry applications extensions for documentation of archaeological cultural heritage. Most important is looking for new possibilities of effective combination of “classical” digital forms of documentation and 3D photogrammetry. In the last years the technology of 3DPGM, due to its great cost-effectiveness, has been increasingly replacing standard 3D scanning (terrestrial 3D scanner) with very costly hardware. VIA MAGNA has recently tested the usefulness of few 3D photogrammetry software applications for documentation of various objects of cultural heritage (movable and immovable). When looking on time demands of field work, employment of 3D photogrammetry has made field work more efficient.

The use of 3D photogrammetry was successfully used on sites like Cachtice castle or Bratislava castle.